Taylor-James Corporation



CEO and Founder - James T Pickett

His 30 year career with results driven Emerson Electric Co. ingrained in him the critical importance of strategic planning, follow-up & control, jtpaccountability, financial performance, operational excellence and corporate responsibility.
James T Pickett founded Taylor-James Corporation in 2001. Since, he has founded five other diverse business units of Taylor-James Corporation.

Taylor-James Corporation stands behind its commitments. Customer problems are fixed as a high priority. People who go beyond the call of duty to satisfy customers are honored and celebrated.

As CEO, he has 6 vital management principles:

  1. Keeping It Simple: Maintaining a focus on a handful of priorities and communicating them in a way that employees understand and support.
  2. Commitment to Planning: Aligning the organization from top to bottom to help identify new trends in the market and inflection points that demand response.
  3. Systematic Follow-Up & Control: Taking implementation seriously, organizing to follow up on plans rigorously and having the flexibility to change direction.
  4. Action-Oriented Organization: Addressing problems and issues swiftly. Communicating in terms of plans, projects and problems rather than along organizational lines.
  5. Operational Excellence: Developing the best products, services and solutions for the best price. Understanding that customers will look elsewhere if somebody gives them a reason.
  6. The Work Environment: Developing a strong and cohesive work environment in which people can and do make a difference. It takes good leadership to create this environment. But if the effort fails, so will everything else.

He firmly believes the corporation's business operations must be closely aligned with company's values and with responsibilities to our communities and the world around us.

He holds undergraduate degrees in Commercial Art, Business Administration and an MBA in International Business. He is a business and life coach, mentor, author, speaker, and consultant to individuals, startup ventures and existing online and offline businesses.

One of Jim’s core beliefs is to not only pay back, but to pay forward, to help others attain personal and financial success in life and in business.  He is active in his community and is a proud supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities.